Design Forward.
Since 2004 I have been starting up some of the largest, high-performing Product Design organizations in San Diego, at companies like CareFusion, The Active Network, and American Specialty Health.

I've led some pretty big projects too, like leading Health & Wellness UX at Walmart eCommerce, and Self Help & Search at Intuit.
My fifteen patents speak to my passion for innovation. I'm at my best when helping companies identify tacit and latent user needs and frame them into innovative new product opportunities. This is where Design Thinking has the potential to drive transformational change and explosive growth. It's why Seth Godin once said Design is the single highest-leverage investment any business leader can make.

I'm a published ACM scholar and a certified New Product Development Professional. I'm also a recognized local leader and board-member at UX Speakeasy, the fastest growing chapter of IxDA in the world.

I'm a believer in the power of creating a Design Culture that transforms how organizations think, work and perform in service to their customers.

Let's talk design!
Chris is a design rock star. He significantly raised the bar of our UX group.
–Jason Broughton, The Active Network
A passionate designer who truly connected with the users and understood their pains, their needs, and what would delight them. 
–Lance Elchlepp, Intuit
Stands out as a leader, always looking for new ways to improve process and expand the culture of UX & design thinking. I enjoy his sense of humor and admire his pluck... challenges me to be better at what I do.
–Ha Phan, The Active Network
Immensely talented... always ahead of the curve.
–Rich Walters, Brooks Stevens Design
Chris doesn't wait around for someone to tell him how to get started, he takes initiative and creates plans. He encourages others to do the same.
Chris brings outside experience to a hungry team. Anytime I've approached Chris with an idea for something we don't do very often, like different types of research and interviewing, he encourages me to go even further with thoughtful feedback.
Chris brings great leadership talent to the team at ASH and is an approachable and personable manager. His experience with user experience in a large organization has been valuable to shaping the role that his team plays. His experience with design and the creative field is a much needed addition to the technology department at ASH.
Chris's previous experience with UX strategy helps drive research practices and methods at ASH. Chris is a valuable resource for all UX team members.
Chris is always available to help and foster my independence. He encourages independent thinking and values my initiatives even though sometimes I face challenges. He's very supportive and encourages me to keep moving forward.
Chris always has a lot of feedback when discussing projects I'm working on, in 1:1's and in casual conversation. He does his best to remove barriers and help move projects forward when they have hit a wall."
"It is evident all the experience Chris has that he always comes up with innovative ways to address UX issues or improve our process.​​​​​​​
Thank you!